Palms (A Lesson From Palm Sunday)


Today’s thought:


As you may know, last Sunday was Palm Sunday. When we think of Palm Sunday, we are reminded of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. A crowd greets Jesus with palm branches, declaring Hosana! However, that same crowd will hand Him over to die less than a week later.

We want to think about a different set of palms today. Your hands, and what they are being used for.
As Jesus was preparing for His fate in the garden of Gethsemane, He was filled with sorrow. The weight of His coming sacrifice was beginning to bear down on Him, because He was 100% God but also 100% man. We can imagine He buried His face in His palms.

Jesus had palms of sorrow.

The sorrow quickly turned to surrender, as Jesus knew that His death would bring about the salvation of the world. It was God the Father’s will, and the only way. We can imagine Jesus turned His palms upwards.

Jesus had palms of surrender.

After He had surrendered to God the Father’s will, a multitude of soldiers came with Judas into the garden to seize Jesus. They were prepared for a struggle, and while the disciples attempted to fight, Jesus willingly gave Himself into their hands. He knew that it was for the fulfilment of the scriptures and the salvation of men. As He was being taken away, you can imagine His hands clasped together, like we sometimes do in prayer.

Jesus had palms of submission.

All His life was dedicated to fulfilling the will of the Father. In that, Jesus gives us a perfect example of how we are to use our lives. When we come to different spots in our lives when we have to make decisions, we should ask ourselves:

“God, is it my will, or thy will that I seek to fulfill today?”