New Here?
Welcome to Beach Church!
When you visit the church services for the first time on a Sunday there are somethings that you may want to know before you come:
We have a pretty relaxed atmosphere. I mean after all we are on the BEACH!  You will find that many people choose to dress up just like many people choose to dress very casual.  We are just happy to have you here so there is NO DRESS CODE.  Just be comfortable being you.
We want you to bring the Kids!
We have an excellent kids program ages 0 – 12.  When you get to the church you can stay together until we are done with the worship music.  Someone will dismiss the kids altogether from our service into the “praise kidz” zone.  There they will play games, sing songs, be challenged from the Word of God, and have fun with kids their age.
  We have friendly people!
You will be welcomed at Beach Church.  We like to be friendly and respectful.  We understand that not everyone has the same mornings in their homes before they get to church. So we want to be respectful of who you are when you enter the building.  So you know, there will be a hospitality center to your right as you enter the church.  It is alway loaded with some goodies (usually bagels and coffee), music playing from a band or over the speakers to get you ready for the service, and a few loving people that hang around by the door to greet you or help as you enter into the church.
You will have a life changing experience.
We believe and have designed every aspect of our church with you in mind.  Our music will move you to sing along, our people will show you community that you have been missing, and the message you hear will move you to action.