What to Expect
Welcome to Rockaway Beach Church, if you are visiting for the first time here are some things you should get ready for. When you walk in the doors of Beach Church you will be greeted by our wonderful greeting team. They will then show you and your family where to get some wonder pre-service snacks, also a fresh bagel and coffee. After that you can either hang in our welcome area or find a seat. And now it time to buckle up and get ready to worship with the worship team and to celebrate Gods word.
Bring the kids too:
Do you have Kids up to 12 years old? Our team is ready to take care of your little ones as you enjoy the service. We have teachers here that are ready to love on your kids. There is no better place your kids would rather be then at Beach Church.
Our Mission:
Our dream here at Beach Church is to start a church that starts new churches.
Our Vision is to equip our friends and family, and neighbors to Jesus.
Our Purpose is to live out our live in front of others for Jesus to give Him Glory.
What is our Mission? To interact with God's Word in such a way that we LOVE it, LEARN it, LIVE it.